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korydwen asked: Et dans tout ça n'oublions pas le pain au chocolat vs chocolatine.




Le combat n’est pas équilibré.

They’re going TOULOUSE *puns, PUNS*

Je me sens personnellement offensée par ceci. 

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The hills are alive with the sound of illegal fireworks

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how do you giggle in french

honhonhon oui oui baguette



how do you giggle in french

honhonhon oui oui baguette

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how do you giggle in french

hon hon hon hon hon



how do you giggle in french

hon hon hon hon hon

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Get to Know Me Meme || (1/5) favourite royal palaces: Château de Versailles (France)

Château de Versailles is a palace located in the city of Versailles. It was the home for the royal family of France from 1682 to 1789.

The Baroque style of architecture characteristic of Versailles Palace impresses people by its luxury, with colossal murals, rows of monumental statues, and an immense collection of fine furniture inside the palace. The stunning geometric design of the garden and the great fountain outside in the yard. The scale and style of the place shows the world without doubt about the power, the glory, and the wealth of the French monarchy in that period of French history. Mark Twain said of it, “You gaze, and stare, and try to understand that it is real, that it is on the earth, that it is not the Garden of Eden…” (x)

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Cool French Sayings #1


j’ai la flemme = i can’t be bothered

bordellique = messy, like a whore would be (used amicably by a French friend to describe me)

plan cul = bang-buddy (literally ‘ass plan’)

maniaque = fussy

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Everyday French slang.


I have purchased a book by Adrien Clautrier and Henry Rowe called Dirty French. It’s a book that consists of everyday French slang. Although some of it may be very very vulgar, it does come in REALLY handy. It’s a part of French culture, so it is actually very crucial to know these things in case of any situation. Oh and after you get to know someone better, feel free to use some of these slangier expressions ( preferably with friends) . These are best used with your peers once you get to know them, these are very informal. Each day I’ll post up some new slang’s of the day!. Here are a select few!.. ( Sticking with the simple stuff first and it’ll progress)


Hey!/Yo !Ho !

Mornin!- Jour!

Evenin’!- Soir!

Hey,you/Hey,baby- Coucou

Yo,dudes/guys!- Oh, les gars!

Yo,girls!- Oh, les filles!

How’s it goin’?- ça va?

How you doin?- Tu vas bien?

Long time,no see!ça fait longtemps, dis donc!

Watcha up to?- Qu’est-ce que tu me racontes? 

Nothing much- Pas grand chose. 

So-so- Comme ci, comme ça. 

Awesome!ça baigne!

Should we hug?- On s’embrasse?

Kiss me on the mouth- Embrasse-moi sur la bouche

Later ( Like see you later)- Â plus. 

Text Messaging- 

Later—> A+ —>( Â plus. )

Catch you later—>A12C4—>( à un de ces quatre)

LOL—> MDR—> ( Mort de rire; dying of laughter)

Screw you—> TG —>( Ta gueule)

My ass—>[.]—> (Mon cul) 

Kiss my ass—> JTMD—> ( Je t’emmerde)

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui !!!

That’s it for today, more tomorrow :).

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